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Directory of Chinese Wine Agents 2015
This is an up-to-date directory that contains detailed information of more than 6600 Chinese imported wine agents, Categorized by province, Agents' names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, E-mail addresses and websites are included.
It is a MS Excel file and all agents in province are listed in a sheet. It is an essential and practical document for you to contact Chinese buyers and launch the promotion of your wines. With this Directory, you can contact Chinese imported wine agents directly. It will help you save time and money in selling your wines to China

Language: English or Chinese 
Format: MS Excel
Delivery: E-mail
Price: € 100 or USD 150 

the price for both english and chinese editions is 150 euro/240 USD

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Chinese Imported Wine Market Report

Chinese Imported Wine Market Report and Guide to Promotion 2014-2015is an important document for foreign wineries. The document is a outcome of research for months, it ‘s conducted by Bon-Wine Culture Consulting Co., Ltd., the most professional consultancy in the wine sector of China . The authors are experienced experts of wine marketing and they put all their successful experiences and valuable advices into this great book.

Four parts are comprised in the report: A Survey of the Chinese Wine Industry, Chinese Wine Market Analysis, Imported Wine in China, Guide to Import and Promotion. This report offers you the latest, detailed and objective introduction and analysis of China wine industry. Different from other market reports, this document is the only one that gives explanation and solutions to all problems and challenges a foreign wine business may encounter wiith in the Chinese market. Many foreign wineries have inexpedient tactics because they are not familiar with the Chinese market.

It is strongly advised to gain knowledge and absorb information of China wine market from this report. Guide to Import and Promotion is very worthy for reading because it can be the only one you can find from all Chinese consultancies. It gives you professional advices on all kinds of difficulties and obstacles you may encounter. It is the most authorized and specific guidance for foreign wineries on how to enter into Chinese wine market and how to start promotion for your wines.

Furthermore, we will offer you free consulting service within six months after you buy this report, For this period of time, we are responsible for answering your questions about the China wine market.
You may have been bewildered by the complexity of Chinese market for a long time, but we believe that this report will give you a clear picture and guidance. By then you will discover ways more sophisticated and, most importantly, more effective, of doing wine business in China. 

Table of Contents
Part One. A Survey of the Chinese Wine Industry

Chapter I:Influencing factors in Chinese wine industry development
Chapter II. A survey of the Chinese wine regions
1. Grape planting in China
2. Introduction on the ten grape regions of China
Chapter III. A profile of the Chinese wine industry
1. Scale of the Chinese wine industry
2. Leading features of the Chinese wine industry and market development
Chapter IV. Supply and demand of China's wine
1. Overview of China's wine production
2. China's wine supply and demand situation

Part Two. Chinese Wine Market Analysis
Chapter V. Description of China wine market
1. Words and phrases
2. Market trend
Chapter VI.Summary of China's regional wine market
1. Wine market of North China
2. Wine market of central China
3. Wine market of East China
4. Wine market of Southeast China
5. Wine market of Southwest of China
6. Wine market of Northwest China
7. Wine market of Northeast China
8. Wine market of Hong Kong
Chapter VII Analysis of wine consumption
1. Consumption structure
2. Consumption styles
3. The analysis of wine consumption ability and behavior
4. Conclusion
Chapter VIII. Wine marketing analysis
1. Analysis of advertisements
2. Analysis of marketing channel
Chapter IX. The development trend of wine industry in 2014
Part Three. Imported Wine in China
Chapter X. Status of imported wine in China
1. Summary of recent years' wine importation
2. Quantity of wine imported from 1996 to 2014. The characteristic of the imported wine market
4. The sales channels of the imported wines
5. The price structure of the imported wines
6. Imported wine's sales channel
7. Description of Chinese imported wine agents
8. Sales modes of the imported wine in china
9. The distribution mode of Chinese wine agents
10. Analysis of foreign wine in china
11. The summaries of some countries promote wine in China
12. How Chinese buyers find foreign suppliers
13. How foreign wineries find Chinese importers
14. The current tariff on imported wine in China

Part Four. Guide for wine import and promotion
1. Why should wineries come to China?
2. What to do before entering China?
3. Processes of entering into China market
4. Why market positioning is important for your own products and enterprise?
5. How to do positioning and analysis for your products?
6. What information and data are required for positioning for your products and enterprise?
7. How to make proper strategy for entering into Chinese wine market?
8. How to seek for Chinese wine agents?
9. The preparation of promotion in China
10. Who is a qualified general agent?
11. What does a Chinese partner most concern with?
12. How to sent samples?
13. Contents of an agent contract
14. What documents should you provide to your Chinese agent?
15. Procedures of Chinese label registration
16. Give a Chinese name to your wine
17. What documents are needed for importation?
18. How to transport the wines?
19. Procedures of customs clearance
20. How to cooperate with Chinese agents to do market promotion?
21. How to know whether your agents' sales situation is normal?
22. How to distinguish wine's cost performance?
23. Other things you should pay attention to
24. Experts' suggestion

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